Ooma Enterprise Business Phone System

Our Network Engineers will install and configure your phone system at no cost to your company. Please click here to schedule a free consultation. You may also contact us using the Chat Box at the bottom right of the screen. Our sales team can also be reached by email at sales@itsystemhouse.com or by calling our office at 626-626-7171 option 1.

Virtual Receptionist


Multi-level Virtual Receptionist not only helps you present a professional image, but it handles incoming calls and makes it easy for callers to reach the right person at your company.

All-inclusive Pricing


With Ooma, there are no setup or installation fees, or unexpected add-ons. Every Ooma account comes with all of the great business features you love with a low monthly price of just $19.95 per user.

Mobile Phone App


Mobile access to your business line: If your work takes you away from the office, you can still take your business line with you. Thanks to the Ooma Office Mobile App, you can handle business communications from your smartphone using your office number.

See how Ooma Office can help your business
Business features included
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada

  • Unlimited lines/users with private voicemail

  • A virtual receptionist greets and directs callers

  • Music-on-hold

  • Ring groups

  • Three-way conference calling

  • Call waiting/Call hold/Call forwarding

  • Conference bridge for up to 10 callers

Front Desk Approach


Ooma Office allows you to have a dedicated receptionist who is responsible for answering the phone at your business, providing an added personal touch for your customers. When the dedicated receptionist is unavailable, you can send the call to the virtual receptionist, forward the call to anyone's voicemail, or have the call forwarded to a group of extensions.

Receptionist Group Approach


Ooma Office gives you flexible options on how you manage your calls and allows you to customize your business phone the way you want. When you have multiple people who are responsible for answering calls to your main number, you can set your preference to the receptionist group approach with our office phones.

Multi-Level Virtual Receptionist


With Ooma Office business phone system's multi-level virtual receptionist, you have flexible options on managing incoming business calls across one or multiple business locations. Take a look at how you can set multiple layers of menus to efficiently direct your callers.

Options to Receive Calls


Ooma Office provides flexible options on how a user can receive important business calls. Whether it's on a desktop phone, a cell phone through Ooma's mobile app, or have the call forwarded to a colleague or voicemail, you will never have to worry about missing an important call with Ooma's business phones.

Call Flip


No more being stuck in your office to take business calls! Activate Ooma Office’s new Call Flip feature and turn your cell phone into your office phone in seconds..

Medical Offices


When your mission is to provide excellent patient care, your communication system is a key component to delivering a positive experience. Finding one that is reliable and customizable to your needs will enable you to efficiently manage patient communication, scheduling, billing, and ordering supplies. Vascular Associates of Southern California, is an active medical practice spread across multiple locations. The staff values the extension dialing and virtual faxing provided by Ooma Office.

Non-Profit Organizations


People who work in nonprofit organizations have a singular focus: to do good work and support the causes they care about the most. However, their work is dependent on reducing overhead and being as efficient with their time as possible.

Communication is also a key component of nonprofits, so having an affordable and streamlined office phone system should be top priority. Watch how Shelby County Books from Birth, a non-profit in Memphis, uses Ooma Office to save money and manage their phone system.

Technology Companies


Traction on Demand, based in Burnaby, British Columbia, is the largest independent Salesforce application development company in North America. Systems Administrator Brian J. Anderson says the goal of Traction on Demand’s IT department is “automating ourselves out of a job.” The open API access in Ooma Enterprise helps Anderson meet that goal by allowing his team, which manages 450 lines, to automate the provisioning of phone service for new employees.