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It starts with understanding how your business works. From there, we deploy a VoIP solution that's tailored to fit your needs today, tomorrow, and as you grow.

Voxter is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service provider that builds solutions for businesses and wholesale partners around the globe.  We are an end-to-end solutions provider, which means we’re responsible for writing the software that powers your phone system, providing you with the equipment you’ll need, and the network that connects you to the rest of the world.  Most importantly, since we’re responsible for the entire experience, we’re able to ensure you’re getting the attention you deserve.

Sometimes we’re a software company, actively developing new features and functionality, fixing bugs, building integrations into popular tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, or Slack.  Other times, we’re a telecommunications network operator, ensuring that routing, connection speeds, latency, and jitter are running optimally.  As a matter of fact, our VoIP network runs entirely on equipment that we own, in facilities that we control, not in some random cloud out there.

We’re known for our concierge-like customer service that has become scarce in an age of long hold times and frustrating hoop jumping. Don’t have the time to set up that new staff member? Not a problem. Reach out any time and we’ll add, change or fix any part of your VoIP phone system quickly and at no additional charge. Prefer to keep control and get your hands a little dirty? Use our simple web-based portal to administer your VoIP phone system, anywhere you’ve got Internet. Are you a developer?  With our full API, you can build your own custom integrations, too!

Sound too good to be true? You’ve been with the other guys for too long.




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    You need a new business phone provider

    Whether you’ve outgrown your current office phone provider and need specific features they don’t offer, or you’re simply ready for better support, new integrations, better phones (that you don’t have to buy!)… what ever the reason, we would be happy to show you the difference a switch to Voxter can make.

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    You’re Moving Offices

    There’s a lot to coordinate, so let the office phone system be the easy part. Call us 30 days before your move and we can have your VoIP phone system seamlessly ready for you on opening day. (Two weeks before your move date? We can still help, let us panic for you; we have had a lot of practice with this stuff!)

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    Improving Business Process

    We offer integrations that will bring your business office phone system into the digital age. Maybe you don’t even want a phone on your desk – we have soft phones that will blow your mind. Integrate your phone system with your workflow: Google Calendar, Instant messaging, Salesforce CRM, Dynamics CRM, Zendesk and more.

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Receptionist Group Approach


Ooma Office gives you flexible options on how you manage your calls and allows you to customize your business phone the way you want. When you have multiple people who are responsible for answering calls to your main number, you can set your preference to the receptionist group approach with our office phones.

Multi-Level Virtual Receptionist


With Ooma Office business phone system's multi-level virtual receptionist, you have flexible options on managing incoming business calls across one or multiple business locations. Take a look at how you can set multiple layers of menus to efficiently direct your callers.

Options to Receive Calls


Ooma Office provides flexible options on how a user can receive important business calls. Whether it's on a desktop phone, a cell phone through Ooma's mobile app, or have the call forwarded to a colleague or voicemail, you will never have to worry about missing an important call with Ooma's business phones.

Call Flip


No more being stuck in your office to take business calls! Activate Ooma Office’s new Call Flip feature and turn your cell phone into your office phone in seconds..

Medical Offices


When your mission is to provide excellent patient care, your communication system is a key component to delivering a positive experience. Finding one that is reliable and customizable to your needs will enable you to efficiently manage patient communication, scheduling, billing, and ordering supplies. Vascular Associates of Southern California, is an active medical practice spread across multiple locations. The staff values the extension dialing and virtual faxing provided by Ooma Office.