Fully Managed IT Services

We are your Information Technology Department. Our Fully Managed IT programs included the following services. 

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IT Help Desk

We provide on-site and remote services via our Help Desk.

Computer Management


We repair and fix your PCs and servers

Network Management


We monitor your network devices.

IT Manager Services


You will be assigned a designated IT Manager as the single point of contact.

IT Vendor Management


We work and coordinate with all IT vendors on repairs needed. This include internet service provider equipment, large copers / printers.

IT Asset Management


We keep inventory of all your IT asset.

Cyber Security Training


We provide online training to your staff in Cyber Security Awareness training..

Antivirus Protection


We provide licenses for a centrally managed antivirus application.

IT Audit Support


We work with you on the IT portion of any audit.

IT Purchase Evaluation


We work with your purchasing department to procure the best equipment based on the needs of your company at the best possible price.

IT Budget


We will work with your accounting department on your IT budget. 

IT Planning


We work with the management to plan for IT projects.

Backup Services


We manage your back up services.

IT Contract Management


We work with your contract department to monitor each one of your contract with your IT vendors such as Internet service providers.

Computer Monitoring


Using state of the art computer monitoring system, we watch the health of your computers including workstations and servvers 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days a year.